After all of the smoke and screens have cleared, and the room is dim; the creator of d.salterBeauty, Damien Salter stands as an emanate light. A veteran to the performing industry, Damien recognized a void; true creativity, execution and innovation in both the face-colour and hair industries had begun to dim.


When most hair artists had become more interested in creating hair looks for the celebrity world; Damien, A classically trained hair visual artist became more excited about the common woman and man. Pursuing his passion for both people and cosmetology; Damien began dedicating his time to learning techniques and hair history, understanding why the “top” hair artist was just that, the “Top”. His vision for d.salterBeauty is to bring the “Top” to the people.


Damien’s fashion forward style has led him to design looks for some of today’s popular and relevant celebrities; however, what makes the d.salterBeauty brand incredible is the belief that the right beauty- makes the right star. Under the intensely skilled hand of Damien Salter- women and men alike trust and feel the star-power of Damien’s beauty treatments.


It’s no wonder the host of Clean House (Style Network), and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) correspondent Niecy Nash has become an unending client; faces such as Lil Kim, Christina Million, Farrah Franklin and even Diddy have entrusted the d.salterBeauty brand to cultivate their specific beauty needs. From videos to movie sets, runways to print ads Damien’s visual creations have continued to assure…beauty is a business- His business.


A licensed cosmetologist with over ten (10) years experience, Damien’s fire for his gift of beauty continues to burn strong. His future aspirations posture Damien to create a line of hair and make-up products; Touring/Seminars and trunk shows at salons for cutting styles and special techniques. Creating a media system that would allow for mass marketing of product and sharing techniques. When asked… What does your future hold? Damien is quick in response “more hair, more face, more fashion- More Beauty